Most committed athletes will spend thousands of hours training for the physical and strategic elements of their sport. Performance Enhancement Training adds a focus on mental skills training and preparation and can have a tremendous impact on overall well-being and sport performance.

Training the mind to excel is the business of sport and performance psychology.  It gives athletes and performing artists the winning edge.  Boston Sport & Performance Psychology is dedicated to helping athletes, as well as their families and coaches, perform better and get more enjoyment out of sport and life.  BSPP works with athletes and performers across all ages, sports, and ability levels to hone the mental side of being a competitor. BSPP also works with executives, managers, and individuals working in firms and companies.

Performance enhancement training offers an individualized training program in specific mental skills that have been shown to improve performance and make it more consistent. Boston Sport and Performance Psychology provides this training to individuals (16 years and older), teams, and coaches in both one-on-one and small- or large-group workshop formats.

Performance Enhancement Training

Performance Enhancement Training can help you:

  • Maintain the attention, focus, thoughts, and emotions that lead to your optimal performance
  • Manage and regulate your emotions to achieve consistent performance
  • Remove mental and emotional blocks that are getting in your way
  • Build your ability to perform under pressure and your confidence that you can do so
  • Conquer performance anxiety and fears of choking
  • Develop specific performance goals and a plan for handling the stress and challenges of training and competition
  • Overcome the effects of injury or a poor performance

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  • 2 swimmers competing in swimming event

    Perform your best.

  • Focus your mind.

  • ballet dancer in practice at ballet barre with leg stretched out

    Achieve your goals.

  • teen girls in basketball huddle in gymnasiumn

    Trust your team.