Mental Fitness Training for Teams & Groups

Training Programs for Teams and Groups

Services for teams range from single or ongoing on-site workshops to comprehensive, integrated individual and group performance enhancement training with athletes, coaches, managers, and support staff.

Boston Sport and Performance Psychology works with teams from all sports and across all levels:

  • youth
  • high school
  • intercollegiate
  • recreational
  • elite, and
  • professional.

Contact me to create an individualized program that meets your team’s specific needs, time availability, goals, and budget.

Group trainings and workshops can be designed to:

  • Enhance team building, spirit, cohesion, and communication
  • Aid in individual and team goal setting
  • Teach specific performance enhancement skills and how to use them effectively in practice, training, and competition

Workshops are highly interactive and allow for active practice of skills. They can range from 90 minutes to full days and be presented as single events, such as at training camps, or as ongoing trainings throughout the season or year.